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Edna Purviance

The Sea Gull

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Live Journal Page for the book: The Sea Gull "A Woman of the Sea"

“The Sea Gull” tells the story of the only “lost” film ever produced by Charlie Chaplin’s studio. Also known as “A Woman of the Sea,” the film starred Edna Purviance, Chaplin's leading lady for over 30 films in eight years. The unreleased 1926 silent film was written and directed by Josef von Sternberg, who later became famous for “The Blue Angel.”

A gallery displays over 50 newly-discovered production still photos from the film, accompanied by the title captions used in the story. These photos are from Edna's personal memorabilia, handed down through her family. “The Sea Gull” also features extensive new information about Edna, with never-before-seen family photos. Features over 100 previously unpublished images in B&W and color.

The book is researched and written by Linda Wada, with the full support of Edna Purviance’s family descendants, in particular, Lita and Ellie Hill, Edna’s grand nieces.

This page is to introduce the project to Live Journal readers. A publication date will be coming soon. Learn more at Edna Purviance's official website under Edna Purviance.